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Our vision is to produce and develop competitive human resources and programs that meet the current and future needs of the local and international labor markets.

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Study with us in the most important disciplines required in the labor market by the specialized technical studies system, the two-year system with accreditation.

Under the supervision of Sohag University - I get a graduation certificate approved by the university in addition to (((a free educational tablet for all new students))).

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Survey and Maps Department

I obtain the survey qualification and maps most in demand in the labor market and study with us everything that makes you a successful and distinguished space technician through the specialization of surveying and maps over the course of two academic years.

You will gain basic knowledge and practical experience in general and executive surveying, engineering drawing, geographic information systems, project management, distributions, signature, surveying, and total stations.

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Department of Medical Analysis

One of the most successful and distinguished specialties in the labor market, improve your job opportunity, obtain a medical analysis qualification, the most popular and in demand in the medical sector, and study with us everything that makes you a highly qualified medical analysis technician.

Through this specialization, over the course of two years of study, you will acquire and practice applied sciences about the most important tests, sampling methods, biochemistry and biological equipment, and the devices used and dealing with them.

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Department of Nursing

In the best profession ever, study with us everything that makes you a successful and distinguished nursing assistant. Over the course of two academic years, you will gain basic science and practical experience in the specialty of nursing.

You will study and practice the fundamentals of nursing, anatomy, first aid, infection control, diagnosis, health management, chronic diseases, psychology, and medical analysis.

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Department of Information Technology

Improve your career prospects and get the information technology qualification most widespread and in demand in the local and international labor markets and study with us everything that makes you an IT and IT administrator at a high level of efficiency.

Through this specialization and over the course of two years of study, you will gain applied knowledge about computers, network installation, all methods and types of maintenance, as well as programming language and professional design programs.

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Department of Tourism and Hotels

You now have an opportunity to be qualified to work in the hotel and tourism sector, one of the most important specialties in demand and popularity in the labor market, improve your career opportunity, obtain this qualification, and study with us everything that makes you able to work efficiently in the field of hotels, hospitality and tourist guidance.

Through this specialization, over the course of two years of study, you will acquire and practice knowledge and skills about the foundations of the tourism industry, hospitality management, customer service, crises and risks in tourism guidance, etiquette and protocol.

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Business Administration Department

Study everything that makes you a successful manager and entrepreneur through the specialty of business administration the basic qualification in all different sectors of work.

over the course of two years of study, you will acquire the basic and practical rules of general and executive management, strategic planning, human resource management, comprehensive quality management, public relations, marketing, entrepreneurship, enterprise management and collective dealing And management of work teams, management and problem solving.

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Our history

It has been able to provide training programs for more than 35 public and private institutions and more than 20 thousand trainees and trainees, and has worked to support graduates in improving job opportunities through free programs for the purpose of awareness and professional education and introducing modern methods of finding jobs and creating a pioneering society.























Choose Your Plan

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General English Course

  36H Pre intro level

108H Intro level

108H Elementary level

108H Intermediate level

108H Advanced level


Conversation Course

36H Conversation level 1

36H Conversation level 2

36H Conversation level 3

36H Conversation level 4


Phonetics Course

72H Phonetics level 1

72H Phonetics level 2

72H Phonetics level 3

72H Phonetics level 4


Business English

36H BE level 1

36H BE level 2

36H BE level 3

36H BE level 4


Languages of the European Union (French - German - Italian)

12H A1

12H A2

12H B1

12H B2

12H C1

12H C2


Languages of the European Union (French - German - Italian)Extended sub-level

150H A1.1 - A1.2 - A1.3

150H A2.1 - A2.2 - A2.3

150H B1.1 - B1.2 - B1.3

150H B2.1 - B2.2 - B2.3

150H C1.1 - C1.2 - C1.3

150H C2.1 - C2.2 - C2.3


Administrative science programs

150H Diploma in Professional Management

40H Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

55H Administrative development program

30H Training of trainers program "Professional Trainer"

30H Diploma in Human Resources Management

20H Total Quality Management

20H Strategic planning

20H Preparing operational plans

16H Professional manager

16H Administrative leadership

16H Performance evaluation systems


Administrative science programs2

16H Institutional Training Department

16H Crisis and disaster management

16H Management of change and organizational development

16H Customer service and dealing with the public

16H Public Relations Department

20H Customer Relationship Management

20H Effective communication and communication skills

16H Time management and work pressure

20H Building and managing distinguished work teams

16H Strategies of persuasion and negotiation


Administrative science programs3

16H Self-management and development

16H Creative thinking and building awareness

16H Personal planning strategies

16H Information systems and decision support

30H Occupational safety and security systems

20H Skills of managerial and leadership excellence

20H Executive management

30H Strategic Marketing Department

20H Uses of the Internet in education and training

30H Designing training bags


Technological programs


24H Photoshop

24H Illustrator

24H InDesign


Technological programs2




50H 3DMax


Technological programs3

24H AutoCAD

24H Civil 3D

24H Revit Structure

24H Revit Architecture

24H Sketch up


Technical programs

130H Aafaq scholarship 3 months

130H Assiut University Scholarships

60H Survey Diploma

60H Medical analysis (theoretical and practical)

240H Diploma in Nursing

50H Diploma in Financial Accounting


Technical programs2

2 years Survey section

2 years Nursing department

2 years Solar Energy Department

2 years Solar Energy Department

2 years Tourism and Hotels

2 years Information Technology


Technical programs3

1 year Survey Diploma

1 year Nursing Diploma

1 year Refrigeration and air conditioning

1 year Press and media

1 year Tourism and Hotels

1 year Speech and Autism


Qualitative programs

25H Teacher preparation

45H Psychologist

100H Speech and autism

35H leading businesses

40H Family counseling


Local Grants

Business Women Capacity Building Grant

Egyptian Youth Capacity Building Grant

Entrepreneurship Portfolio Scholarship



Knowledge Transfer Initiative

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Afaq worked to provide a new vision and various and advanced educational and training services and was able to provide training programs for many and worked to support graduates in improving job opportunities and creating an entrepreneurial society.

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Ensuring the quality of scientific methods and methods that qualify our clients, institutions, institutions and individuals, to excel in the various business world according to the required standards and to gain them competitive advantages by keeping pace with advanced training technology in training methods and materials while selecting the best trainers.

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