Department of Tourism and HotelsStudy with us in the most important disciplines required in the labor market by the specialized technical studies system, the two-year system with accreditation.

Our vision is to produce and develop competitive human resources and programs that meet the current and future needs of the local and international labor markets.

You now have an opportunity to be qualified to work in the hotel and tourism sector, one of the most important specialties in demand and popularity in the labor market, improve your career opportunity, obtain this qualification, and study with us everything that makes you able to work efficiently in the field of hotels, hospitality and tourist guidance.

Through this specialization, over the course of two years of study, you will acquire and practice knowledge and skills about the foundations of the tourism industry, hospitality management, customer service, crises and risks in tourism guidance, etiquette and protocol.

  • 2 Years
  • 56 Student
  • 7 Books