About UsProducing and developing competitive human resources programs that meet the current and future needs of the local and international labor market..


Our history

Our history goes back to the year 2000 before the inauguration of our institution under the name of AFAC, to be later the International Afaq Academy. These previous years, which represent the legacy of our true experiences and our launch platform, on which the efforts, dreams and aspirations of our specialized team have gathered, which we consider as one of our most distinguished achievements in the field of education and training in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Our long experience and competence have allowed us to stay, continue, develop and compete inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. With this journey, which God intended to continue despite the obstacles and difficulties over the first twenty years, a large and deep amount of understanding and knowledge developed in our institution about the importance of our presence as one of the sources of education, learning and training, and our relationship with our Egyptian and Arab societies, this understanding that we always embody in our activities and our project and became our passion Permanent is continuous development and improvement.

Afaq Society: Since its establishment to date, Afaq has worked to provide a new vision and various and advanced educational and training services and has been able to provide training programs for more than 30 institutions between the public and private sectors and more than 20 thousand trainees and have worked to support graduates in improving job opportunities through free programs for the purpose of awareness And vocational education and introduction to modern methods of finding jobs and creating an entrepreneurial society.

The full coverage of our institution for the culture of training and development has strengthened our experience in dealing with the current and future requirements of trainees, learners, and researchers and opened new horizons that allow us to work on taking care of our customers' needs in a complete and effective manner on time. We mainly focus on helping our clients choose what suits them and what they are looking for and what develops their skills and capabilities in conjunction with the rapid change in the business world.

Our external world: Our team has extensive experience in dealing with training needs in the external environment, according to continuous studies and research, taking into account the variables that govern this area of practices with a focus on added value. We have dealt with training programs related to the future and its skills in various fields, without neglecting anything of the clients' interests and individual needs in every training program or educational activity.

Our passion for development: With the increase in the value of human resources and self-investment, and the concepts of development and skills development are the forefront of all methods leading to business and jobs, our organization has directly undertaken many ambitious plans related to the development of the internal environment of the institution, starting with ideas and passing through the institutional capabilities, including the training staff, work teams, tools and means of teaching and learning And we made all of our process take place according to a defined vision and procedural practices that are binding on everyone, starting with research, study and selection of the best alternatives, then application, and all this revolves around the orbit of the continuous evaluation

Experience with us: As a result of the rapid progress in the field of multi-program and multi-media training and education operations, we are working on creating a unique and distinctive experience for each client that remains brilliant and luminous in his mind.

Our services include: free training advice "training counseling" - professional consultations - guidance after training - technical and professional support - training documents - certificates of enrollment and success - membership - volunteering - free training - work space - prospects for dialogue and inquiry, and this is not all in our stock. We always innovate new and appropriate so that the moments in which our client shares us are fruitful and wonderful moments and confirm that he gets real value from his experience with us, its impact will continue to be endless

Our competitive advantage

 We have 50 trainers, leaders and experts, through a set of standards and special values that achieve our mission, we select members of the Afaq Training Commission

Our goals

    strategic goals

Interim goals

1. Designing and creating databases for all technologies and knowledge that society aspires to

2. Classifying specialized and professional programs and sciences to become a reference for education and training horizons

3. Concluding cooperation protocols with donor institutions for various training and education projects.

4. Providing and approving programs of specialized technical studies and training courses

5. Designing a permanent program that works on discovering entrepreneurs and new ideas, caring for their owners, and providing them with a suitable environment.

6. Establishing a permanent technical committee to assist in developing training processes, means and activities

7. Forming a research team concerned with studying the development, training and education needs of the economic community from bodies and individuals

8. Implementing a comprehensive program for entrepreneurship that starts with preparation, awareness and training, and ends with the implementation of projects

9. Launching initiatives to support and stimulate training, knowledge transfer and continuous human rehabilitation

10. Preparing various studies and opinion polls on training and educational services

11. Providing channels for grants and free courses to raise the capabilities and competence of human cadres through training programs at home and abroad.

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1. Respect: We respect our society, regardless of its color or hospitality, and its categories, including heritage, cultural diversity and gender.

2. Integrity and Transparency: We are committed to the highest ethical principles, and we pledge to work with integrity and transparency to achieve justice and enhance trust, credibility and institutional accountability.

3. Team spirit: We support each other in our work through cooperation and teamwork, and we value the healthy environment this approach creates.

4. Leadership and continuous learning: We at Afaq Academy develop the spirit of innovation, initiative and excellence, and we apply the best practical and scientific practices in all our work,

5. Excellence: We consolidate the focus on customer excellence, students and entrepreneurs, and the constant desire for continuous development and learning, and the transfer and exchange of knowledge between the concerned parties.

6. Right decision: We are committed to making our decisions and plans based on clear environmental evidence and analysis.

7. Efficiency: We are committed to adopting effective, efficient and effective systems and procedures.

8. Effective communication: We are committed to activating various communication policies and channels with all concerned groups, members of the training staff and work team, clients, entrepreneurs, partners, suppliers, and the local and international community.

9. A passion for knowledge: We are committed to achieving international and global success in the fields of education, training, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

10. Intellectual property rights: We are committed to scientific reference, whether in the services we provide or the cooperation protocols we propose with different training and educational bodies.

Our policies

1. Orientation towards knowledge, skill and scientific development through the transfer of knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship.

2. Supporting the horizons integrated systems to provide a positive environment for teaching, learning, entrepreneurship and innovation.

3. Activating the sustainable development policy, including the environmental dimension in training and technological projects, and expanding support for various training projects

4. Addressing the obstacles and challenges of knowledge and rehabilitation

5. Enabling cooperation with stakeholders from agencies and centers

6. Attention to education and dissemination of training, technological and entrepreneurial awareness and professional literacy

7. Adopting internal policies that stimulate and support friendly enterprises and individuals, and maximize rewards

8. Integration of work, in coordination between the various governmental and non-governmental institutions at the local, regional and international levels.

9. Integration of current society issues, and activating the role of women and youth in rehabilitation, training and entrepreneurship

10. Giving special attention to people with special needs and creating real social and economic opportunities for them



Producing and developing competitive human resources programs that meet the current and future needs of the local and international labor market



Ensuring the quality of scientific methods and methods that qualify our clients from the bodies, institutions and individuals for the various labor markets according to the required standards and gain them competitive advantages by keeping pace with advanced training technology in training methods and materials while selecting the best trainers.



Since its establishment until its date, Afaq has worked to present a new vision and various and advanced educational and training services and has been able to provide training programs for more than 35 public and private institutions and more than 20 thousand trainees and trainees, and has worked to support graduates in improving job opportunities through free programs for the purpose of awareness, professional education and introduction to modern methods. To get jobs and create an entrepreneurial community..


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